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    Which Symbian SDK do I need?

    Hi everybody, I just got into software developing for my phone.

    Today I downloaded Qt SDK and I'm using Qt Creator to develop a timer. I got everything working on the simulator, but now it's time to generate a .sisx (or something like that) file to install it in my phone and everything got 10 times more confusing. From my little web research it seems like I need to download a Symbian SDK (by the way, I got an E72). The phone I use runs Symbian 3rd Edition, but I can't find it's SDK on the web. Am I in the right way? Is this really what I need? Anything else?

    Thanks for your time.

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    Re: Which Symbian SDK do I need?

    The only SDK you need for Qt development is the Qt SDK. Which you already have. Done.
    Now, a bit of reading its docs (Qt Creator -> Help ) should get you the SIS file, if simply using at Qt Creator's UI does not give you a hint on how to switch to the device build target and hit Run to get the application executed on device.

    There is a dedicated Qt section on this discussion board, you can post your questions about using the Qt SDK there. Make sure to specify there which SDK version you use (it does make a difference) and what exactly have you tried but did not work.
    -- Lucian

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