Hi , I'm the product manager of Wwere("在哪" in Chinese) , James Liu , I just received reply email from Symbian Express Signed Audit Team, according to the reply , I came to Discuss Board to find how to unlock my account with express signing access.

Here is the whole thing:
We submit our app(Submission ID 101767 , Name:Wwere_for_S60v3_v1.2_vertical) to SymbianSigned.com for express signing in Aug 20, 2010 , because we forgot to append demo username and password into README file for testing , our app did not pass the test , it was rejected in Oct 5, 2010 . Unfortunately we did not reply email in 7 days , so Symbian Express Signed Audit Team revoked our express signing access , and now we have new version of our app (with demo username & password in README file) , but we cannot submit to SymbianSigned.com without the express signing access.

We do not know what should we do to get the express signing access back , so we can submit our new app .

Is there anyone can help me ? This is an emergency to me , I'll appreciate if there's some help.

Here's my email sydcurie@gmail.com . Thanks a lot.