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    Problem in connecting 7650 and PC Suite...


    I am stuck...
    1)I Install the 3Com Bluetooth device and the Bluetooth connection manager(3Com software) and COM3-COM7 appear in the mRouter(Connection Properties dialog box)

    2)when i try to tick the box for COM3 (so... PC Suite monitors these ports, and when you connect a phone, PC Suite automatically detects the phone... as says the help in mRouter) i get a message "The port can not be enabled.It may be in use in another application"
    I think that the reason i get this message is because the 3Com Software uses these ports..
    So i decided to uninstall the bluetooth connection manager(but after that the COM3-COM7 diseppeared and the real phone can not see the BT device when i am doing New paired device)

    3)Now i try to re-install only the Bluetooth device(+drivers) and not the bluetooth connection manager(The COM3-COM7 appear again.Now i can tick the boxes in mRouter Connection properties dialog box, but the bluetooth device is not detectable through my phone and additionally the
    PC Suite Nokia 7650 can not detect the phone...I get a message "This is the first time you have used PC Suite.Please attach your Nokia 7650 to the PC and press OK to continue, or press close to exit PC suite."
    I press OK but nothing happens...phone and PC Suite stay disconnected)

    4)If i install the 3com software i will not have the ability to tick the boxes in connection properties of mrouter..

    I dont know what to do...

    Am I doing something wrong..?
    Is anything else i have to do in order to make a connection between real phone and PC Suite..?

    Thanks in advance!!!

    Manos Moschous

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    I forgot to say that i can connect my phone with 3com software and exchange files...

    But i can not connect real phone to PC Suite Nokia 7650...

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