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    Angry OVI store is driving developers out!!

    We published an application on OVI two months ago, it's really good and occupied No.1 position on its category more than 1 month. We are very glad to see the achievement very disappointed by OVI. In one word, OVI store is driving us out! We have to transfer to Apple.
    1. Installation issue. Because our application is based on Qt, OVI store prompts user a big package may be downloaded. It scares some users. But other brave users may meet installation issue, such as download failed and can't install. That caused a lot of 1 star rate. Such rate is 80% of our negative rate. It's a nightmare!!!!
    2. Why it need 6 months to get all the money paid in the bill?! Ah-Ha, operator bill period? Why I have to care it? What's your responsibility, OVI store? You want us to talk with Operators, or pay us quickly?
    3. The support is really bad. No response more than two weeks. Maybe the supporters are in shortage.
    4. Qt bugs. Qt has a lot of bugs. Apple's software has bugs as well, but at least it seldom makes the phone rebooted. What a shame! Why the phone is so easy to reboot. Why the application is so easy to crash? Why Symbian is so easy to Leave? A really really bad system with ugly UI and bad coding style.

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    Re: OVI store is driving developers out!!

    Whole distribution of files and qt packages is big problem.
    Users aren't always on wifi.
    In my case every time my heater go on my wifi AP goes down. It looks like peek on network isn't really good for wifi modulation.
    And this cause many download problems from ovi store in my case. And ovi store always start from beginning .
    I don't want to know how smart installer handle problems like this but it will be same

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