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    Total size of an SMS


    I want to build up a storage for storing two SMS. So I need to know the maximal size of an SMS. By "SMS" I mean a 140 byte-long Payload.
    When I read through the specification I can not see such statements.
    What I have until now would be:
    - Payload: 140 bytes
    - header-byte: 1 byte
    - number: 14 bytes (stored as String)
    - arrival date: 20 bytes (stored as String)

    did I miss something here?


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    Re: Total size of an SMS

    Hi, Ricky.
    It seems that you have missed several parameters

    TP-Protocol-Identifier - 1 byte
    TP-Data-Coding-Scheme - 1 byte
    TP-User-Data-Length - integer

    Then, regarding number - in fact you have two numbers, originator number (TP-OA), which is 2-12 bytes including length and type, and SMSC address (RP-OA).
    And timestamp is 7 bytes, not 20.

    I hope this was helpful,

    P.S. For more information please check 3GPP TS 23.040.

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    Re: Total size of an SMS

    Quote Originally Posted by Nina1004 View Post
    P.S. For more information please check 3GPP TS 23.040.
    Which, btw., can be found through http://pda.etsi.org/pda/queryform.asp

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    Re: Total size of an SMS


    pretty much thanks for the answers! They helped me alot. It seems like I really forgot some bytes :\
    Thanks for telling me the specifications ( I didn't know about that ETSI-site)

    ps: sorry for my late reply. Somehow I wasn't able to login here for a while oO


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