I'm busy with a game project for Qt. At the moment it is targeting symbian but I would like to remain flexible and be able to port it to the Meego device when it launches and maybe the N900. I've searched quite a lot around sound playing in Qt but can't find any definitive answers / best practices for sound suitable for gaming - sincere apologies if I have just not seen these answers

My requirements are specifically:

* Background music through mp3 or other compressed format
* Sound effects either wav or compressed format
* Mixing simultaneous sound effects
* Giving each effect a stereo offset and volume - for example sounds on the left side of the screen play louder through the left headphone / speaker etc
* Pitch / speed shifting of sounds, for example on a gunfire sound to prevent it becoming too monotonous.
* Low latency on sound effects

I've had a look at QtMobility, Phonon, and QSound, but none of them seem to support stereo offset or pitch changing that I can see, and the information on mixing, buffering, performance etc is spotty at best. I also saw a custom symbian solution at http://tamss60.tamoggemon.com/2010/0...t-for-symbian/ but would really like to do this all in Qt if possible for portability. I would imagine what I'm wanting to do is pretty standard for any game - I've done the same before on various other APIs.

Your help is appreciated!