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    make a call from wap page


    Currently I'm looking for a solution to make a call from a wap session to a short number starting with a "*" i.e. *1234. WAP 1.2 supports the possibilty to make an outgoing call from a WAP session. I've succeed in making a call to a standard long number but have no idea how to perform a call to a number starting with a star.

    Please HELP....



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    if that i not have mistake about your question, can i make call if that user push '*' for international prefix for that problem you can make some function to check if that user push '*' for international number so you can make to replace that with '+' for call you can using function" WTAIhone_number" or you can see that at document nokia about whats new at WAP 1.2 to 2.0 ok, I hope that can help you.

    Ps : to chek you can used "indexOf(String input) as boolean" and if that found pleace repalce that with "+" prefix

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