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    Connecting to a known WLAN network using WLAN Management API


    In our source code, we make use of the MWlanMgmtNotifications interface, which is part of the WLAN management API, for receiving notifications about WLAN network changes. The function that is of particular interest in this interface for us is the following:

             * BSSID has changed (i.e. AP handover).
            virtual void BssidChanged(
                TWlanBssid& /* aNewBSSID */ ) {};
    What we would want to accomplish from our code is to check whether the new WLAN network is the one that has been configured previously by the user, in other words a known network. If that is the case, we would attempt to establish a connection. Now, as part of the network infromation stored in the CommsDatabase in our code, we have the preferred WLAN network name, the security mode and the key. We need to do a match of any detected WLAN network against the preferred WLAN network name before establishing a connection. Since the above API gets the BSSID of the detected WLAN network, how could we make use of this information to do a match against the preferred network name in our database?

    Appreciate your thoughts.


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    Re: Connecting to a known WLAN network using WLAN Management API

    BSSID and SSID are not the same thing. When BSSID changes, you remain in the same network, just connect via an other access point (physical access point, so not the thing you configure on the device). There is not much to filter in that, however if you want to filter, you may want to check that argument.

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