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    worst nokia service is turkey - for two months no reply

    my imei number was copied and my mobile not working. i called nokia turkey service and sent requirement things to open my mobile in 19.02.2011. after that i called many times. theyt say we will solve in a fast time. now time is near to two months. but there is no answer still. i hate nokia service in turkey. please nokia tecnical costumer service do something for me. i can complaint them to anywhere.

    they will regive my imei but after two month they still saying will solve soon. really. impossible. i hate i hate...please do something

    name osman
    surname aslanoğlu
    mobile is 5130 express music. not working since 16.02.2011

    sent help replies to my email. i cant look at here allways.
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    Re: worst nokia service is turkey - for two months no reply

    "Forum Nokia services" might be a bit misleading. Forum Nokia is about support for software developers, so its "services" are also about software development ("Feedback on Forum Nokia services such as RDA, Loaner Program, Consultancy, LaunchPad and others.")
    The end-user site you are looking for is http://www.nokia.com/discussions

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