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    delay time for Ao_timer

    Hi I have a doubt. In the timer program given below:

    #importing the library using import command

    import e32
    timer = e32.Ao_timer()
    #delay is set to 4.0
    delay = 4.0

    #defining a function
    def do_something(arg=None):
    # your code to be repeated every interval goes here
    timer.after(delay, do_something)

    # To start the timer once
    timer.after(delay, do_something)

    is delay in second? How can I give a delay in hours or daily wise?Is there a limit to the delay time?From my experience I think it is in seconds. When I gave delay as 200 it was repeated about 200 seconds .I gave it as 43200(12 hours) but it does not seem to work.Actually I want to do something every one week.Is there any way to doing it?


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    Re: delay time for Ao_timer

    Set it to the number of seconds in a week.

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