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    Exclamation QT Application gives Multiple Definition Link Error

    Hi All,

    I am working on a nokia qt appliation development which uses zxing library.
    zxing provides support for decoding both qrcode and data matrix codes.

    There are specific directories for qrcode and data matrix libraries but the problem is that both have the files with the same names.
    eg: zxing/datamatrix/Version.cpp \
    zxing/datamatrix/decoder/BitMatrixParser.cpp \
    zxing/datamatrix/decoder/DataBlock.cpp \
    zxing/datamatrix/decoder/DecodedBitStreamParser.cpp \
    zxing/datamatrix/decoder/Decoder.cpp \
    zxing/datamatrix/detector/Detector.cpp \
    zxing/qrcode/Version.cpp \
    zxing/qrcode/decoder/BitMatrixParser.cpp \
    zxing/qrcode/decoder/DataBlock.cpp \
    zxing/qrcode/decoder/DecodedBitStreamParser.cpp \
    zxing/qrcode/decoder/Decoder.cpp \
    zxing/qrcode/detector/Detector.cpp \

    When I include both of the above folders path in .pro SOURCE += variable, i get multiple definition errors because the .o files generated for qrcode are having the same names as that of data matrix files.
    And thus i get multiple definition errors.
    I have tried using .pri file for and also tried playing around with OBJECTS_DIR qt variable but to no success.

    Can anyone please provide any help on this. How to separate these 2, and still be able to use both libraries?

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    Re: QT Application gives Multiple Definition Link Error

    First off, are the two sets of files actually different? If not, you're probably only intended to compile one or the other when building the entire suite, and there's likely an #ifdef setting or whatnot to control this.

    If they are different, and there's no provision for adding a namespace or such, then either you're not intended to ever build both sets together or the developers have their heads up their posteriors.

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