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    App blocking if no network access


    my Qt application is blocking when there is no network (internet) access.

    When there is network everything works as expected, but as soon as it tries to access something without network it blocks and the only way to stop it is shutting down the phone.

    The same code works perfectly on desktop.

    Im using QNetworkAccessManager to do the network accesses.

    Alternatively, is there any reliable way to check if there is network connectivity? I saw the Bearer API, but had no luck to make it check if there is any network available now.


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    Re: App blocking if no network access

    Bearer API should allow you to do that. Pls check that sample:
    It displays system online\offline state.
    QNetworkAccessManager can't be used for that: http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTBUG-14631

    But i strongly recommend to find the reason of your app behaviour. You should check which method is stuck (called synchroniously and execution doesn't continue after its call). Or if network errors are handled properly by your app.

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    Re: App blocking if no network access

    Take also into account that since Qt 4.7 Bearer API has been merged into QtNetwork.

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