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    Playing videos using Qt


    I am developing an App with the capability to play videos (HTTP delivery using Progressive Download). Using a combination of QVideoWidget, QMediaPlayer and QMediaPlaylist [Qt version 4.7.2; QtMobility version 1.01(2)] I've been able to make it work on a Nokia N8, but the problem is that when moving the App to other devices (a C7 and another N8) all the App works fine except for the VideoPlayer. When loading the video I get an error message that seems to come from the OS, not the App: "Conn. Failed. Access Denied"

    I have placed traces on the App in order to determine exactly when this error happens by showing messages for each of the following signals:
    • QMediaPlayer::error(QMediaPlayer::Error)
    • QMediaPlayer::stateChanged(QMediaPlayer::State)
    • QMediaPlayer::mediaStatusChanged(QMediaPlayer::MediaStatus)

    The resulting flow is the following:
    For the working N8
    • media status change 0
    • error 0
    • media status change 2
    • media status change 3
    • new status 1
    • media status change 6
    • media status change 5

    For non working devices (N8 & C7)
    • media status change 0
    • error 0
    • media status change 2
    • OS Error : "Conn. Failed. Access Denied"
    • After this many "media status change" signals pop-up but without specific order in each of the trials, until the player closes

    After many tries and since the error seems to be from the OS I'm starting to believe that the error might be due to some configuration issue instead of the App, but I really don't know. Any help is more than welcome.



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    Re: Playing videos using Qt

    Please check if Internet access point is setted up properly in your non-working devices.
    Could you try to open that URL in default device web browser. Is it able to connect and play video?

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