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    Red face Full begginner PyS60 installation on phone

    I receive my new Symbian phone today and i am very exited about creating application with PyS60 2.0.0.
    But i don't have read the documentation who is very long (283 pages) yet and in my exitation i want just to now if the application PyS60 is avaible via the apps menu from my phone or if i had to install it via my computer because my last phone is from the last millenium (please tell it nobody else).
    Thanks for a answers.

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    Re: Full begginner PyS60 installation on phone

    It doesn't come preinstalled, so you will have to install it.

    Download and install PythonForS60_2.0.0_Setup.exe from here. Then, in the location you installed it in, you will find a folder called PyS60Dependencies. From there, install Python_2.0.0.sis and PythonScriptShell_2.0.0_high_capas.sis into your phone (note that you may also have to install pips.sis; if you need it, an error will tell you so).

    If you don't want to install the exe I mentioned above, download PyS60_binaries_certificate_error_fixed.zip instead. That contains all the files you need.

    After that you're pretty much good to go. You can find many code examples in the Wiki if you search (the search feature is on the left side of the page). Also, read this for detailed info on getting started: http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...._Introduction

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    Re: Full begginner PyS60 installation on phone

    Thank's a lot to the answers of the stupid question that i asked and who was explain in the pdf document on page 9 in the chapter 1, but i have the read the ReadMe from 20 pages long about how to compile *.sis files before asking this question...
    And after a day to fight the machine who tell me she need a python 2.5.2 shell to compile sis files, i install it for she and then she told me Python 2.5.2 don't have the zlib modul included that she need to compile the sis file, and install a modul from an depreciate python version is horror for me, a ./configure with=zlib.h by the reinstallation work but.
    I crash my system many times with the following instruction:
    extract zlib
    extract python-2.5.2
    cd /home/myname/zlib
    sudo make install
    # zlib installed
    cd /home/myname/python-2.5.2
    ./configure with=/home/myname/zlib/zlib.h
    sudo make install
    #python 2.5.2 installed with the zlib modul
    The result is python 2.5.2 is working with zlib, and the sis compiler too but my Linux OS crashes, because Linux works a lot with zlib and don't like to be installed other programmes outhere the standart library.
    I work only on Linux and jumping to|throught windows is the rescue solution...
    If some one can tell me how to proceed it would be nice.
    Big thanks to bogdan.galiceanu who help me to install PyS60 on my new phone.
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