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    About SATSA (JSR 177)

    Hi all.

    I have a problem using SATSA (JSR-177).
    Well, I'm using the ready-to-use example at Gemalto's website:

    however the simulation runs, but I have a problem testing on a real phone, supporting SATSA (Nokia 6500)/and a SIM card (on which I've loaded the applet).
    but while running the midlet, it throws an "application error", and then a security exception since the midlet is not allowed to have communication to smart card. all the options for allowing to have data access to the smart card under the options menu (on the phone) are disabled.

    So what should I do to make the midlet run, having the exchangeAPDU with the SIM? the codes are correct.
    I've heard about the signing, is it a possible solution? how should I do that?


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    Re: About SATSA (JSR 177)

    Unless you have signed your MIDlet to trusted 3rd party domain, the MIDlet will not have access to the SIM card. You need to buy the certificate for that.
    In addition, if you want to access SIM toolkit on the SIM card you would need operator to sign your MIDlet, which is hard to get done (in most cases you would need to work for an operator or partner with them).

    There are also additional security restrictions, please read Appendices A and B from the SATSA specification


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