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    Question Reporting errors for days (on a new item)

    I've added a first item a few days ago. All places with reporting show errors and have been doing that for a few days now.

    In the homepage: "The Ovi Store reporting service is currently undergoing maintenance. Try again later."

    On the specific item: "Authentication failed while showing report."

    I'm guessing it could just mean "no reporting data", but if that's the case I'd hope Nokia would have more appropriate messages.

    Any idea what that really means?

    EDIT: Turns out the site has problems with the browser (older version of Chrome). Also login problems to the forum depending on how I log in. FF3 works.
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    Re: Reporting errors for days (on a new item)

    I have not experienced any problems with the reporting page for some time. I believe that your problem relates to someting else. I would contact publisher support: PublishToOvi.Support@nokia.com

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