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    who can give me Carbide.ui Symbian Theme Edition 4.0 skin_compiler.exe

    To day I made a theme for my phone
    When I wanted to package the theme, it saied
    "the folloeing wrror occurred in the packaging process: java.io.FileNotFoundException: C:\"program File (x86)\Nokia\Carbide.ui Symbian\eclipse\plugins\com.nokia.tools.packaging_2.0.0.201102210100\runtime\win32\SKIN_COMPILER.exe
    please help me :confused:

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    Cool Re: who can give me Carbide.ui Symbian Theme Edition 4.0 skin_compiler.exe

    What you've said is still at the beginning of the error logs,
    just scroll to the end of the logs, and you'll eventually find the correct error maker.
    Note for the error line stated there, most likely will give you the error line that causing the problems.
    For example: "An exception occured (when parsing line 1265):"

    Next step, is open the "themepackage.txt" file and go to the error line. Use an advance text editor since the line number doesn't show on the popular Notepad .
    The "themepackage.txt" can be found on temporary folder during packaging, in your_theme_project_folder > packagingOutput_temp
    And the next things are to wondering whats happen on that line. Have a nice try,


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