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    Unhappy software requirement for mobile app develpment using Qt

    hi ,
    i have installed Qt 4.5.2 with Qt creator 1.2.0.
    please tell me what else we need to install to start mobile application development.
    there is no option for "Mobile Qt application" in new project menu into my Qt SDK.
    thanks and regards,
    Prashaint Mishra

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    Re: software requirement for mobile app develpment using Qt

    download the latest version of Qt https://www.forum.nokia.com/info/sw....f8/Qt_SDK.html it has Qt 4.7 along with Qt Quick
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    Re: software requirement for mobile app develpment using Qt

    Download Qt SDK as shown in the post #2 and there are lots of examples (Mobile specific also ) in the SDK. If you have Symbian^1 (S60 5th ed ) or Symbian^3 (N8 for example) you can already deploy the example. Make sure TRK, Qt and Qt mobility is installed in the devices.

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