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    Weservice(SOAP ) using Javascript

    I want to create a widget that accesses a webservice .A WSDL describes the webservice in question .I need to use SOAP to pass and receive messages from this webservice. This webservice uses authentication credentials .I have tried the article on forum nokia -http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/Using_widgets_to_access_web_services
    but have not been able to receive or response .As per the limitations section of the article custom headers is not supported by XML http responce.How should I then access the webservice using javascript?Please help

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    Re: Weservice(SOAP ) using Javascript


    What kind of authentication they are using?

    I tried plain custom header in Browser 7.2 on N8
    ajaxrequest.setRequestHeader('soapcustom', 'myvalue');

    and in the server side I could access it trough $_SERVER['HTTP_SOAPCUSTOM'];

    So could you try your app on a device that has 7.2 browser?


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