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    HTTP Connection problem on Nokia 3650

    Hi all,

    I'm facing an HTTP Connection problem on 3650.
    I have developped a peer to peer using a package that allows this on J2ME devices. It works fine on emulator (Sun's and nokia series 60)

    But when I'm porting it to the real phone (3650), I can't even make connection to my server (even if webViewer works very well).
    I have the following IOException: Status = -20015
    It seems to be a recurrent problem on 7650 and 3650 but has anybody find a solution ? a patch ?

    here is the code of the connection:

    relayUrl = "";

    HttpConnection conn = (HttpConnection)Connector.open(relayUrl + "/relay", Connector.READ_WRITE);
    conn.setRequestProperty("Connection", "keep-alive");

    conn.setRequestProperty("x-jxta-command", command);

    String slease = conn.getHeaderField("x-jxta-lease");
    String optionalPeerId = conn.getHeaderField("x-jxta-client");

    Has anybody a clue to solve it ?

    thks a lot


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    I would quess that the problem is in gateway which does not understand those headers,
    but please try to make connection using internet connection, i.e. using your TCP/IP setting by chancing IP addr of gateway to or check it from you operator.

    Make your Http connection running in a separated thread also.

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    I finally found what was wrong with the connection.
    After having tried with new Thread for HttpConnection, the problem persisted...

    What was wrong (perhaps itwill help someone else) ....

    My GPRS provider has something wrong with HttpConnection on port different than 80.... with port 9710...nothing was working (server didn't receive packet at all)...with port 80 I can connect successfully !!!

    I still have some problem with receiving big files, but this will be for another post ;-)

    thx for help.


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    http problem 3650

    I tried using HttpConnection in J2ME Midp 1.0 in my new 3650 phone.
    But i get

    java.io.IOException : Status = -33

    and also sometimes

    java.io.IOException : Status = -20019

    is this any way related to symbian error ...
    can u help me out in this.

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    I get status -29 and -21. I use 2 sockets, dedicated for read and write. I think the problem is with my ISP.
    I use J2Me MIDP 1.0 and 3650 also.

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    my code is so simple as possible:
    hc = (HttpConnection) Connector.open(mURL);
    in = hc.openInputStream();


    with suns emulators it runs well, also with some nokia emulators..
    (only the series 60 emulator throws an exception..see below)

    but on the siemens SL45 as well as on the nokia 7250 it dosn´t work....

    "Series 60 MIDP SDK for Symbian OS version 1.2: java.io.IOException: Status = -21"

    Any suggestions?

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    I have the same problem:


    I develope network aplication for Series 60 phones with Russian language. Emulator has russian language supportt, but I cant test a http connection, only with Series 60 Concept emulator, which dont support russian.

    Nokia Experts, what`s wrong with Series 60 Emulators (symbian)?

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    I've read this here : http://archives.java.sun.com/cgi-bin...st&D=0&P=17914

    We spend days to find out that for example the Status Code -20019 means,
    that the Nokia 7650/3650 can't connect to our server because it's sending a
    "100 continue" package.
    The next problem is, that you can't connect to http://localhost on Series
    60, instead use the IP of your PC.
    The last small problem: sometimes you can't connect to websites if the url
    isn't ending with a slash! For example: use http://yahoo.com/ instead of

    Does someone knows how to manage this "100 continue" ?

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