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    Question Exit button for application in FL4, not widget.

    I need some help with this, I wish to know how to exit an application made in fl4 that is packed in sis.
    I've tried this:
    PHP Code:



    but is asking me for to allow access to the device, and then after restarting the app, i need something that closes the application right away, something like the old fscommand2('quit'), but for fl4 that runs on an N8.


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    Re: Exit button for application in FL4, not widget.

    Hi manxana,
    I just tested and fscommand('Quit'); works fine on FL 4. You just need to use either this packaging technique or this one (CDocumentHandler Class) because online packager use an old technique i.e RFile Class which doesn't allow you to launch your application from private folder and avoid security issues with your content.

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    Re: Exit button for application in FL4, not widget.

    I have also faced the same issue before.

    First time you close the app from FlashLite 4 this way, it will ask you to allow, if you allow, it restarts the app and if you again close, it close the application.
    Onwards you are never asked this way and the app closes normaly.

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