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    Nokia C5-00 Camera Problem

    Hi all, new to the Nokia forums here and hope you can help me out with an issue one of my customers is having.

    Recently he purchased a Nokia C5-00 however after a week, he noticed that he could not access the camera functionality of the device.

    He brought this back into our store and showed me this - after a quick google search, i suggested to him that he reinstall the latest firmware on the device.

    He has done this but the problem still exists.

    The device was working correctly at first.

    Any other suggestions before I send another one of his devices away for repair (yet again!)



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    Re: Nokia C5-00 Camera Problem

    hi clint@telecom!

    this is a developer discussion board ,
    please have a look here http://discussions.europe.nokia.com for end user problems.

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    Re: Nokia C5-00 Camera Problem

    After visiting the link, i have suggested you, if you dont find your problem,
    You can visit your near one Nokia Customer Care Center!....

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