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    Question Can we intergrate Python and C++ in paraller on my application ???

    Dear experts ,

    Im developing my own application now can my application have python code and c++ together ?

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    Re: Can we intergrate Python and C++ in paraller on my application ???

    What kind of an app are you writing? What parts do you think you want or need to do in Python and what in C++?

    You can write C++ DLLs that can be used from Python apps as libraries/extensions to Python, or you can write a separate C++ server/service app that the Python app calls (they can communicate via local socket calls or file I/O, at least).

    It'll be much harder to write a C++ app that calls some Python routines. I.e., you can't really easily write an app where you mix objects/functions written in Python and C++.

    Note also, that if you want to sell/distribute your app via Nokia's Ovi Store, as far as I remember, it doesn't support Python apps.

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