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    d-pad constantly triggers focus() on an input box?

    We have search fields on our web page. We're having issues with E72 devices.

    We're using some javascript to watch for focus and blur on a input text field to simulate an html 5 search field's placeholder text.

    What is happening, though, is that after typing in text, if the user clicks to the right to move the cursor out of the text box onto the submit button to the right, the cursor gets 'trapped' in the field and they can't get out of it.

    It appears that what is happening is that the nokia triggers .focus() ever time the cursor moves over a text field (rather than just once on initial focus).

    Is there way around this issue?

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    Re: d-pad constantly triggers focus() on an input box?


    There has been some similar issues, but those should be sorted by now. I ran my test with E72 and Browser
    Could you share a code snippet and tell the software version of E72 so we could try to reproduce it.

    Back then only workaround was to press and hold the navi key for a while.


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    Re: d-pad constantly triggers focus() on an input box?

    Well, FWIW, the fix we came up with is just disable ALL keyboard javascript event listeners on input fields. We were just running into way too many issues with them.

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