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    Using MWL outside of S40 WebApps


    since I hate to code twice, I created:


    What's your opinion?

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    Re: Using MWL outside of S40 WebApps

    Cool, I figured someone would do this. In case you haven't found it yet, the client-side MWL comes with the installation: <Drive Letter>:\%ProgramFiles%\Nokia Web Tools 1.2.0\Web App Simulator\platformservices\api\s40\MWL\1.0\mwl.js
    It's much larger than your xui-based version, though, and is probably not compatible with all browsers or widget engines. It might help you work out the details of your lib, though. I would say to go ahead and package it with your S60 widgets, but there's no license information in the file, so I'm not sure what it's been released under.

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    Re: Using MWL outside of S40 WebApps

    Wrapping JQuery?

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