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    A simple call/answer app

    Hi everybody
    I am completely new to Qt programming for symbian. I want to write a simple app which installed on two devices and you can enter a phone number then call it and start talking to him. On the other device the user could answer or reject the call. The whole scenario was that, but I dont have any Idea from which point I should star. If someone could give me some advises like below I would be so thankful.

    1- you (me) should start reading about XQTelephony class.
    2- .....
    3- ......


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    Re: A simple call/answer app

    you might want to have a look into older discussions: http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...n-code-from-QT

    basically Qt still does not have phonecall API, thus you would actually need to go native.

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    Re: A simple call/answer app

    Thank you symbianyucca.

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