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    Audio App on Qt tech

    HI Guys

    Hope you guys can help us out .

    we are building an Audio App using QT tech and testing on our e7 device. one of the main features of this app allows the user to record his voice while a playback is happening simultaneously. only problem is the record audio switches off when playback is on. to explain further

    2.The device supports audio input & output in asynchronous only so when audio input is on, the output is malfunction, while audio output is on, the audio input is malfunction).

    3. i am not sure is it due to the limitation of the device or there is any way to tune the device to control the input & output function synchronously because it's working perfectly in the Simulator but not in the nokia symbian device.

    here are the tests we have done so far

    Test 1: when music=on, recording=on, then playback(music+recorded)=can hear music but voice recording either cannot hear or in unrecognized noises.

    Test 2: when music=off, recording=on, then playback(music+recorded)=can hear music and voice recording perfectly.

    Test 3: when music=off, recording=on, but added the other apps sound play such as turn on the radio apps, then when recording, the external audio muted automatically, when playback(music+recorded)=can hear music only and voice recording either cannot hear or in unrecognized noises.

    Could anyone throw some light on this for us?

    Appreciate your thoughts for us

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