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Thread: PyS60 & Linux

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    PyS60 & Linux

    I have many question since some days were i receive my new Symbian phone:
    -If someone can make standalone files on Linux with py2sis it were nice from him to tell me how to proceed because the compiler (ensymble.py) tell he need Python-2.5.2 to run and after i install it, the compiler tell me he need zlib who is not include in python-2.5.2 for Linux so i jump to Windows were zlib is include in Python-2.5.2, but i can not include the many modules available on Linux... and there are not available on windows: pybluez, lightblue...
    - I want to connect my phone to my computer via bluetooth with an Serial port to work on my computer and get the result on my phone without compiling everytime and transfert the *.sis file via bluetooth. if someone knows how to proceed thank's to post, i create a serial port with sdptool, ans make rfcomm listen but the phone tell me he find no device.
    -I finally want to know too if it exist some complementary module to PyS60, and if not it were a good idea to create it.

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    Re: PyS60 & Linux

    I answers myself for them who have the same problemes:
    To install Python-2.5.2 for compiling *.sis files under Linux:
    cd /home/my_name/zlib
    ./configure --prefix=/home/my_name/build
    sudo make install
    #zlib installed
    cd /home/my_name/python-2.5.2
    ./configure --prefix=/home/my_name/build --includedir=/home/my_name/build/include --libdir=/home/my_name/build/lib --with-zlib
    sudo make install
    #python-2.5.2 installed with zlib
    WARNING: if you don't proceed exact like this (with --prefix=, --includedir=, --libdir=, --with-zlib) you risk to crash your system, i garanted the success of the operation if you do exact it like this.

    To connect my phone to my computer i know that it exist a module whose name is btconsole but i don't know if it is implemented to create a connection with the phone per serial port, if you know more about thanks to post.

    And finally i have found an externe module to PyS60 for Bluetooth programming, you can find it here: http://lightblue.sourceforge.net/
    If someone knows more externes modules thank's to post.

    That's all volks thank's to answers

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