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    Framebuffer access


    I am developing a J2ME MIDlet which does the following things.
    1. Accesses the framebuffer or graphics context using DirectGraphics: getpixels( ) method.
    2. Put the extracted pixels in a .png or .bmp file
    3. Change the colour of the pixels

    I know how to do the 3rd step.

    Please anybody provide me a code which does above actions or atleast the procedure on how to do this.
    (j2me is preferably for nokia series 40 phones.)


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    Re: Framebuffer access

    You can only access pixels produced by your own MIDlet (the canvas of your app).

    You have no access to the screen/framebuffer data for some other app or the system in general, using j2me.

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    Re: Framebuffer access

    You need to paing what you want to an Image, then paint the image to the screen, so that you can get the pixels from the image.

    Also: PNG Encoding in Java ME.


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