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    Thumbs up Conditional installation in QT ?

    How to use the following symbian C++ pkg file code to QT symbian .pro file

    IF EXISTS("z:\system\install\Series60v5.0.sis")
    ;install 5th edition embedded sis.
    ;install 3rd edition embedded sis

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    Re: Conditional installation in QT ?

    conditional installation not working in symbian QT

    I added the following code in the .pro file but its not working.

    IF NOT EXISTS(\"z:\system\install\Series60v5.2.sis\")
    addSis.pkg_prerules = "@\"callAudioControl_32_0x10207bd2.sisx\",(0x10207bd2)"

    Actually I am using Callaudiocontrol.sis for mute

    Callaudiocontrol is a plugin . so i need to use two different plugin for S605th and symbian^3

    so i need to conditionally install Callaudiocontrol.sis to S605th and symbian^3

    for Symbian^3 i should not install . so Is there any other way to proceed?

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    Re: Conditional installation in QT ?

    .pro file is different from .pkg file, you can not add that code directly to .pro file. You need to add deployment variable in .pro file to change your .pkg file. like..

    deployPlatformCheckStart = "IF exists(\"z:\system\install\series60v5.0.sis\")
    	deployPlatformCheckElse = "ELSE"
    	deployPlatformCheckEnd = "ENDIF"
    	deployFiles.pkg_prerules += deployPlatformCheckStart
    	deployFiles.pkg_postrules += deployPlatformCheckElse
    	deployFiles.pkg_postrules += deployPlatformCheckEnd
           DEPLOYMENT += deployFiles

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