I'm working with N97, 5th ed.
I'm recording audio from mic into buffers with CMdaAudioInputStream.
It's working fine, but when the phone receives a call, MaiscRecordComplete is called with KErrDied. I've looked around and i've found that this is mostly related to priorities, so, using MultimediaDD capab i've tried all the suggested values in various posts and technical faq... it's not working, i still receive KErrDied. I've also looked into the voicerecorder app into Symbian sources, but it seems it "simply" stops recording and alerting user.
Since i'm not interested in recording the phone call, only environment audio from mic, it there a way to "restart" the audio recording?
I understand that i should call Stop() into MaiscRecordComplete when KErrDied arises, then i receive two KErrAbort into MaiscBufferCopied (i have two buffers for recording), and then.... should i perform another Open()? Or just perform the two ReadL() ?
I've tried so many combination but none worked.... after receiving KErrDied i'm not able to start recording again....
Do you know of some examples that treat KErrDied? Any suggestion?
Thank you