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    Post SDL question [extracted from Newbie Symbian C++]

    maybe a bit off-topic, but I don't want to start new topic for such questions. Specifically, about the apps/games written in Symbian C++ using S60 SDL, can they be added to Ovi Store (both types -free and paid games). If they does, can I in some way include SDL installer/libs in my game, so users do not have to do download it manually?
    Or if not, are they some good tutorial about writing games in Symbian C++ - I saw some links but they are outdated.

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    Re: Newbie Symbian C++

    Symbian Installation System (that is why the installer files are called .sis) supports embedding of other installers, such as runtimes and similar things. However the Ovi Store requires everything to be Symbian signed, which also applies to such embedded packages, while the installer you get from SourceForge is self-signed. And this is where things start to be a bit expensive, because the Ovi Publisher program can not do the signing for embedded installers.
    A cheap but redundant alternative can be supplying the .dll files with your own application, with a customized UID. Since it means abandoning code-reusability and upgrade-ability, it is just a minor step to do statical linking instead, and at least that would result in removal of unused code.

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