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    Push notification for Symbian C++?

    I have gone through the following link

    It explains about implementing the Push notification using the Qt sdk.
    I know that there is no API support available for push notification within Symbian C++

    But is there any way with which we could integrate the Qt APIs from within the Symbian C++ code. If yes, then please do let me know some substantial link about it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Push notification for Symbian C++?

    The API is for Qt, and AFAIK there is no API for symbian. anyway, you can incorporate symbian code in Qt application.

    Anyway, previous threads on the topic on incorporating Qt code to Symbian project, are not suggesting it to work too well:

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    Re: Push notification for Symbian C++?

    Thanks Yucca for your valuable response.

    Though the link discusses about calling Qt code from the Symbian C++ project but there is uncertainity in its performance.
    Not sure whether there is a way to implement push notification from within the Symbian C++ project.

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    Re: Push notification for Symbian C++?

    Possibility is not a question. Qt on Symbian is implemented with Symbian API-s.
    Feasibility is an other thing. If you have not much experience with Qt, probably the simplest approach is to implement a minimal Qt application based on some example (perhaps the one comes with the API), which gets the notifications, and forwards them to your Symbian code via regular Symbian IPC. At least this is what I would do, because I have no idea about Qt.
    Technically it should be possible to dig deeply into Qt-s source code, and pick the IPC parts only, so your Symbian code could directly communicate with the notification dispatcher. But this approach might be really painful. If it is possible to simply link Qt libraries into native Symbian C++ applications, that may be a good approach though.

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    Re: Push notification for Symbian C++?

    Thanks Wizard_hu
    I am kind of trying the ways to figur it out.

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