I am facing a weird issue using FlashLite 4 on Nokia N8.

I am loading XML and based on that, I am populating the results(say 25 results), each result contains one image and some text. I am making sure that all the images are not loaded simultaneously, but loads next image only when previous image is loaded.

Even though the image is loaded (I check with progress), it is not displayed in application. I tried using the updateAfterEvent (in TimerEvent) and also adding some timeline animation which would refresh the display content, but nothing works. I am very much sure that the problem is because the display is not getting refereshed, may be due to low-memory for Flash player. If suppose I lock and aging unlock the device OR if I open the keyboard to enter text and close the keyboard, the loaded image becomes visible, mainly because the display content is refreshed.

Is there any way by which I can forcefully refresh the FlashLite content OR suppose increase the memory for Flash Player which may resolve the issue?

Any help would be highly appreciated!