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    Question Best way to create an SVG icon

    Hi all....

    I know my question has been asked a lot , but I'm not asking about tools - I'm using Photoshop to create the icon then I move it to illustrator and export it with SVG-T 1.1 - and it works fine .... But not good looking as other wonderful icons for other applications.

    My icon has a background as the Calender icon on iPhone, and It has a text written on it, So it renders fine but not good on a real phone.... So what is the best settings recommended to create it using PhotoShop and illustrator ( Size , resolution, Recommended Font(Strong-Smooth - Sharp - None) ??

    My application designed to work from S60 3rd Ed to Symbian^3.

    Many thanks in advance.
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    Re: Best way to create an SVG icon

    i think it rather be different when talking about bitmap image (photoshop) and vector image (illustrator).
    canvas size doesn't affects too much on vectors image, since its not losing its quality while being zoomed in or out.
    Nokia make a pretty good choice by using SVGT, which ease us in themes making, since we shall not facing resolution and screen size problems.
    I would highly recommend you by using SVG if you are planning for some deployment version.
    You don't need to convert it to SVGT manually using illustrator, since the Carbide.UI is doing the jobs for you.

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