I'm trying to port some code from a purely C++ Symbian^3 project into my Qt- Symbian project.
I could build the sis file on Symbian^3 sdk using carbide but when I'm trying to build the project using QtCreator, I got linking errors due to missing libs. I copied the missing libs from Symbian^3 SDK to my NokiaQtSdk/Symbian but on re-building the project, I got EABI version errors.
I'm not able to figure out what version of Symbian^3 gets installed in QtSDK 1.1 RC
The standalone Symbian^3 SDK installed path shows version 0.9 in one of the paths(C:\Symbian3\devices\Nokia_Symbian3_SDK_v0.9).

Can someone help me get rid of errors.
Another question I have is why does the QtSDK 1.1 have missing libs and dlls for Symbian^3.