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    Unhappy Nokia WRT widget uploading some doubt regarding multiple resolution...

    Hi all,

    I develop one widget which support 3 different resolution ,therefore my widget running slow so i thought to make separate widget for all 3 resolution differently.

    My Main question is that can i upload all 3 widget under only one name. and application get choose to download according to device dynamically.

    For example:
    suppose if the mobile device with 360*640 resolution visit OVI store and he download my widget so he automatically get download application which is developed only for 360*640 and same as other resolution.

    Please guide me in this problem.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Nokia WRT widget uploading some doubt regarding multiple resolution...

    you can select different target device's for different files, though you need to remember that many phones are supporting swithing between landscape & portrait mode as well.

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