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    QAudioOutput buggy. Any alternatives?

    Since QAudioOutput will not work in my application, is it possible to access CMdaAudioOutputStream from the Qt SDK? I need to output an AUDIO/PCM stream and I have tried for weeks to work-around the bugs in QAudioOutput. Is it possible to obtain the source code for QAudioOutput so that I could implement a fix? Or maybe I could work around it by writing a plug-in?

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    Re: QAudioOutput buggy. Any alternatives?

    You could start by creating a bug report against the defective component, at http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com, with the needed details about the version of Qt Mobility package you are using and on which platform release or device. As for the source code, you can find it in http://qt.gitorious.org/qt or in the SDK (just make sure to install it fully) and yes, you can use Symbian C++ APIs if needed too.
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