i'm working on Bootstrapping the Symbian build tools so i can build symbian ROM using kernel_taster_kit_for_see_2009
i read this article talking about how to do so .. http://www.symlab.org/wiki/index.php...n_Ubuntu_Linux
i followed it till the part i get to use the build_all.pl script

now i'm facing this error
fatal error: boost/preprocessor/iteration/detail/iter/forward1.hpp: No such file or directory
in this file http://www.boost.org/doc/libs/1_36_0/boost/function.hpp "3rd line from the end <# include BOOST_PP_ITERATE()>"
i don't know what to do .. sepcially cause the file <forward1.hpp> is in the same path it should be in according to this error ..

please help !!