Since our Symbian signed certificate has expired, we (at mobilityCraft) have decided to save the $200 and try the new free OVI signing, as we usually publish only to the OVI store.
So as a test app we took one of our published flash games (masterPis), improved it a bit, generated a new version, added inner-active ads (not our first app with these ads) and uploaded to OVI for signing & QA.
Prior to uploading to OVI we have tested it on 5800, C7 & N8, all working fine when selfSigned.
I'll also mention that the application is using the device's sensors (accelerometer).
Anyway, the application was in the store within 2 days (!). Once we saw that, we have downloaded it for testing and found out that:
1. The application pops the "user data" security warning (which was always removed when we used Symbian signed) on 5800, but works fine afterwards.
2. The application does not pop the security warning on C7 & N8, BUT the accelerometer sensors are not functioning, hence - no game...
The game was immediately removed from the store, and in the last two weeks we are trying to communicate with Nokia without success. They claim that signed Flash apps always have this security warning and they don't know why the accelerometers are not working on the new devices. Not a really a helpful answer.
Did anyone have these issues before? Any idea? We are seriously considering switching back to the paid Symbian signed...
I'll post this in the FlashLite DiBo as well, maybe someone there will know. So forgive me if you read it twice…