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    Question Qt SDK 1.1 does not compile app against Qt 4.6.3 + Qt Mobility

    Hi all,

    I am using latest Qt SDK 1.1 RC. It allows to compile the apps against Qt 4.7.2 as well as Qt 4.6.3 with QtMobility.

    I''m helping a friend. His app uses QtMobility's Organizer for adding / removing entries in calendar. When the app is compiled against Qt 4.7.2, it complies and works on device perfectly.

    But when the same app is compiled against Qt 4.6.3, it starts to give strange compiler errors.

    The app is developed using CPP, without any QML stuff.

    My question is, why it's giving compiler errors when Qt 4.6.3 is used to compile?

    2nd question, is it possible to compile this app with Qt 4.7.2 and submit to Ovi Store? As this app does not uses any new API stuff from latest version of Qt, will it pass the approval?


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    Re: Qt SDK 1.1 does not compile app against Qt 4.6.3 + Qt Mobility

    You need to specify errors.

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    Re: Qt SDK 1.1 does not compile app against Qt 4.6.3 + Qt Mobility

    You do indeed need to specify the errors. Also you need to get the latest Qr SDK, since you appear to be using release cnadidate still. Then you would be actually compiling againsts Qt 4.7.3. Qt 4.7.2 will not be accepted by Ovi store, thus you do need to compile against Qt 4.7.3.

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