I was using location module of pys60 !!

location.gsm_location() is returning the mcc,mnc,lac,cellid with no problem.

But I want to get the above details at regular intervals... so.. looped the call !!

As Follows :
while 1:
(mcc, mnc, lac, cellId) = location.gsm_location()
(latitude, longitude) = doLookup(cellId, lac, "", 80)
if cord[0]!=latitude or cord[1]!=longitude:

This works fine for the 1st time...

From the 2nd time gsm_location() starts returning ' None ' and obviously the script crashes !!

Wondering what to do ??
At some forum someone said that its because the GPRS remains active and gsm_location() can-not retrieve the details with the GPRS is on !!

So.. how to deal this ??

Please help !!