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    Mainwindow layout change

    Actually i face a problem while going form one Mainwindow to another Mainwindow..
    suppose i have mainwindow name Mainwindow1 and another mainwindow name Mainwindow2...now on the pushbutton of Mainwindow1 when i want to go to Mainwindow2 then it works but the layout of the mainwindow changes..its size decreses..

    the code i have wrritten in pushbutton of Mainwindow is..

    void MainWindow1:n_Clicked_pushButton()
    MainWindow2 *m=new Mainwindow();
    but when i perform same task by using diaglog its works fine..so whats the problem..if anyone please suggest..

    with regards
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    Re: Mainwindow layout change

    can you let us know Mainwindow is a QWidget or QDialog derived class ?
    also if you are trying on emulator then yes it will show like that but on device it will work fine.

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    Re: Mainwindow layout change

    I'm guessing that he's deriving from QMainWindow. Not a lot of imagination.

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