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    question about QmlWebMap

    I have downloaded a QML/Qt example, QmlWebMap, that uses QML Web View to show device's location on map
    from http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...:Qmlwebmap.zip.
    The application can be installed and run on my nokia N8 device now. But I found out that
    the application would keep consuming more and more device's memory during exploring Ovi Map
    and finially it will crash due to running out of memory.

    It seems that the application never releases the memory of map tiles that are not needed.
    Any suggestions to solve this problem ? Thanks.

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    Re: question about QmlWebMap

    that's a really bad example. you should instead use the actual QML element for the Ovi maps, or use the Maps APIs available for Qt. wiki has the normal Qt API usage with maps, and if you get Mobility 1.1.x examples they also have the QML example in it.

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