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    Regarding Payment

    My estimated revenue is around 330€. I contacted publisher support and they replied me stating that most of the purchases are through operator billing so my actual revenue is likely to be below 100€. I read through the FAQs and found that operator billing payments can take up to 6 months to clear. Can someone provide details on the share or % of purchases done through operator billing and whether it will actually take 6 months to clear or can I get my payment before that.


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    Re: Regarding Payment

    Different operators remit the money at different intervals; some might do it immediately, others might do it monthly, and with some it might take months (3, 4, 6). So, it depends on the operator and Nokia's agreement with them (and may also depend on the selected operator billing integration method; direct connection, WAP, or P-SMS).

    The split is:

    70% of net revenue from credit/debit card purchases (Nokia takes 30%)
    60% of net revenue from operator billing purchase (Nokia takes 40%)
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    Re: Regarding Payment

    Thanks for the info. Still to get my first payment. Just curious to know when will it come

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    Re: Regarding Payment


    Yes, that information was right.

    If payments to you are 100 Euros or higher, it will be remitted to you by Nokia. As mentioned, operator billing takes more than a few months so payments will be less than expected.

    Also, make sure that your bank information supplied is accurate. Nokia cannot remit if the information is either inaccurate or lacking.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Regarding Payment

    Thank you for sharing this information. I was also wondering about terms as I have been reading through the FAQ but never got a solid and precise answer. So I guess it could very well take some months before I could receive payment in some cases how payments are made.

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