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    how to use timer?

    I am having some problem with the timer. My problem is I want my "main.qml" will automatically load to next page "menu.qml" in 3 seconds.
    So how I need to apply the timer to make it works?

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    Re: how to use timer?


    check the link hope will helpful to you to understand timer.

    are you getting triggered event of your timer?
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    Re: how to use timer?


    To load the "menu.qml" file from "main.qml" you have to use 'Loader' element.

    This is how you can do...

     Loader {
            id: qmlLoader
            x: 0; y: 0
            width: 360; height: 640
            clip: true;
        Timer {
            running: true
            interval: 3000
            onTriggered: {
                qmlLoader.source = "menu.qml"
    In this when the timer is triggered after 3 seconds then we are setting the source property of the Loader element with the desired qml file (in this case "menu.qml"). And as soon as the source property is set the qml file will be loaded.

    You can put the above code in the "main.qml" file at the desired place.

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    Re: how to use timer?

    Thanks you all

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