This is new:
I've signed my sis using Symbian Signed (Express signing), and after installing the signed sis (N97, 5800) I get the "user data" security warning, as if it is self signed sis.
Here are some details:
1. It is a flash lite app, signed using Kunerlite (as all my previous apps - never had this issue)
2. It uses accelerometer sensors (as some of my previous apps - never had this issue)
3. I'm installing the application in \private\<UID>\ (this is the first time)
4. The application includes inner-active ads. (as one of my previous apps - had no such issue)
5. I'm calling:"*") and publishing for local files (otherwise I can't have sensors + ads working together)

I've tried signing using the free OVI signing and got the same issue (see here), so I switched to good old Symbian signed, but got same problem...
Please advise - I have no idea what my next steps should be...
Thanks in advance,