I'm done some Qt Symbian programming already, but now need to learn more...

Special interest at the moment is the use of camera and exif information that
can be included in e.g. jpg-files.

There is a simple wiki example at the forum:

I have tried this but have had the following problems:
- had to change "QtMediaServices" to "QtMedia" to build without errors,
- when I run the example in a photo-shooting example I implemented for N5800 I get
zero size for both metadata and extended metadata.

Note, that the photo shooting application itself works properly, I get the photo in jpg-file.
If I check the properties of the jpg-file in PC there are lots of metadata.

=> So anybody has any idea of why is it
that I cannot read the metadata and extended metadata?

One thing that is a bit confusing is that both camera (camera = new QCamera(this) and
imageCapture (imageCapture = new QStillImageCapture(camera) that I use in my application
are inherited from QMediaObject which has the access functions metaData() and extendedMetaData().
=> So should I access the metadata via the camera-object or via the imageCapture-object?
(I've tried both with the same result: metadata size is zero.)

I'm using Qt 4.6.2 and S60 5th ed. SDK v1.0, QtMobility is 1.0.0-beta1.
(Maybe these are already old versions but they have served me well - at least so far...)

- Thanks everybody for sharing your valuable time for this!