I've a problem with QNetworkAccessManager in my application: sometimes connection is lost and it's impossible to reconnect. It's hard to identify where is exactly the problem as I'm using qgraphicswebview and launching the default browser -Opera or Symbian web browser, the one that is set as default in the mobile phone-, but the biggest problem is that once connection is lost QNetworkAccessManager doesn't work any more until the app is closed and launched again, it won't try to reconnect again.

I have seen in the documentation the signal networkAccessibleChanged and the method setNetworkAccessible which can be exactly what I'm looking for -I haven't tested it yet-, but it's only for 4.7 and my app is almost finished -I'm basically looking for the last bugs to fix them- and I want to publish it at the end of this week or the next one, so is there a way I can reconnect to internet so qnetworkaccessmanager works even if the connection is lost?