In my QT C++ application i call a QML ModalDialog with 2 buttons (OK/CANCEL), which displays correctly on screen and so, no problem there.
However i'm struggling to find a way to retrieve in my QT C++ application which button was pressed.
I'm unable to somehow "freeze" when i call the QML ModalDialog, to wait there until the user press OK Button or Cancel Button
What i see is that application calls the QML ModalDialog, and immediately exit that part and continue.
QMetaObject::invokeMethod can call a QML function and have a return value, but it just doesn't wait for the user press one of the buttons, it just exits immediately, so no use.

I want to use this QML ModalDialog in several places of my application (the QML modal
dialog can have different text passed from my QT C++ application), so i was looking to a generic solution for this.

Basically and generic speaking i'm looking for something like this:

return_value = QML_Modal_Dialog(....)

Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks